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Bid farewell to ineffective «One-Size-Fitts-All» training methods.  

Tailor your training regimen and boost your individualized mental resilience with the knowledge we've cultivated over three decades of experience.

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Who we are

We bring a holistic approach to athletic performance.

Shooting, tactics, recovery, mindset.

All of the above.

We’ve coached hundreds of players using our individual profiling system. We’ve tested it and proven it works by the results we’re creating for players.

From individual workouts and recovery strategies to performance training to mindset and mental work… Our goal is simple: We unlock potential and performance.

Where others use one-size-fits-all coaching for all their players, we customize your coaching and optimize how you compete.

About us


The best players in the world are the best for one reason. They understand their natural preferences and how their body performs better than anyone else. They use their strengths as their key advantage.

That’s where performance and winning begin.

No two athletes are the same. Based on your natural preferences, how your body is built, and the way your mind works, you perform differently.

Profiling reveals who you really are.

That’s why ProKeyCoach’s individual profiling system is essential for training and game-time performance.

  • Game-time performance
  • Less concussions
  • Self-confidence
  •  Efficiency and time-saving


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"Thanks to their profile and motor preferences, Prokeycoach allows me to discover my weaknesses and strengths so I can use them to the best of my ability during the game."


"Thanks to Prokeycoach's video sessions, I am more efficient at reducing my opponent's time and space."

Arnaud Jacquemet

"Their advice on recovery and prophylaxis is very helpful. On the ice, it has helped me a lot to maximize my plays."

Artem Anisimov

"I love the approach! It's unique and tailored just for me, my personality, and my motor preferences!"

Baptiste Vouardoux

"In the 1st profiling session i understood so many things about me! Crazy!"

Dominik Egli

"ProKeyCoach helped me understand my game better and make improvements."

Eliott Bernazzi

"I love their analysis of my games. They push me and give me very concrete things to improve or repeat. "

Elvis Schläpfer

"Lorsqu'ils analysent mon jeu, je comprends mieux quand je performe bien et comment l'implémenter davantage dans ma partie."


"Very pleased with what I've learned about my profile. I'll be able to work on my speed extensively because I know I'm Front Foot!"


"Discovering a top-notch approach where I've learned a lot, both about my shooting style and my skating style. Participating in a hockey camp and also getting to experience other sports like surfing and golf was simply amazing!"

Nathan Vouardoux

"ProKey has allowed me to get to know myself better, both on and off the ice. By understanding my preferences, I now know how to position myself more effectively during my one-on-one battles."

Nino Niederreiter

"The ProKeyCoach approach teaches me hockey secrets that help me become a better hockey player and stay that way. It provides me with crucial mental and physical keys for my development."


"ProKeyCoach has helped me better understand and utilize my body to achieve my goals. I have also improved my skating and shooting thanks to this approach."

Noah Delémont

"Prokeycoach hat mir geholfen, meinen Körper besser zu verstehen und zu nutzen, um meine Ziele zu erreichen."

Patrick Fischer

"ProKeyCoach has been extremely helpful with the communication with my players. The profound information gives me clarity about my players and i can create situations where they can perform the way they know best"

Rem Pitlick

"I love Benny's philosophy on hockey: that you find success by using your strengths. I really enjoy working with Benny. He's creative, great with technology, has a great sense of humor, work ethic, and offers a unique perspective from being a hockey player and coach."

Roman Josi

"This approach has contributed to my development throughout my career, in all aspects."

Simone Terraneo

"Knowing your visual preferences gives you a huge advantage to make better plays defensively and offensively"

Tomasso De Luca

"The whole approach, but for example I used the strengths of my profile to improve my type of speed and my puck protection a lot."

Hockey posts and news

Should you cross your hands like McDavid or not ?!

2024-01-29 11:38:37

McDavid crosses his hands while Patrick Kane does not!

It's not the size that matthers !

2024-01-18 18:44:27

Motor skills preferences & battling

Hockey: visual preferences for goalies

2024-01-15 20:57:32

Among motor preferences, visual preferences play a decisive role in sports. So left radar? Or right radar?

Visual preferences of Connor Bedard

2024-01-11 16:38:49

Analyse Bedard

Motor preferences: the different "Skating Types"

2024-01-08 20:12:30

The comparison of skating types between Domi-Van Riemsdyk is highly revealing of the differences in motor preferences between hockey players.

Bye Bye 2023! Hello 2024 with lots of new projects!

2024-01-05 17:12:32

Thank you for being by our side in 2023 to meet all these challenges. We wish the very best for this new year.

Press review: "Benoît Pont can tell you which hockey player you look like" -

2023-12-22 11:12:28 dedicates an article to Benoît Pont and Prokeycoach. At the heart of the article: profiling and motor preferences applied to field hockey.

Motor Preferences: Radar Left or Radar Right?

2023-12-21 11:59:24

Every athlete develops a decisive motor preference: visual preference. It's called the left or right radar.

Last Minute: The ultimate Christmas gift list 100% Sport

2023-12-18 14:16:08

To be sure to please, give the gift of passion. Prokeycoach has put together the perfect list to slip into Santa's hood.

Motor preferences for skiing too!

2023-12-17 11:53:42

As Eliot, our ski coach, explains, knowing your motor preferences when skiing is crucial to your l'explique Eliot, notre coach ski,


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