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Evolutive individualized Hockey file

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Summary of your on-ice motor skills and how to transfer it on the ice

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The summary of YOUR motor preferences on the ice and how to use them!

This sheet will change the way YOU design your training. It will help you maximize your potential. Discover why.

You'll find the 4 following motor preferences applied to ice hockey:

  • FRONT FOOT / BACK FOOT: forefoot or back foot. Explanation of this preference and its implications for all your movements.
  • Left RADAR / right RADAR: left-right visual preferences and their vital importance in play with and without pucks!
  • Left or right POWER SHOULDER: Strong shoulder. How to use this natural rotational preference in your shots, forehand and backhand, etc.
  • ARTICULATIONS OUT or IN: wide, narrow posture. Joint movement in relation to skating and shooting.


Do your self-profiling before you buy the sheet!

You must first define your personal motor and cognitive preferences.



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