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ProKeyCoach is a unique and original coaching approach that identifies your motor and personality preferences.

We give our athletes the keys to their progression. Prokeycoach reveals your strengths and teaches you how to use them. We're convinced that you have what it takes to be the best you can be.

How do we do this? By using our personalized profiling system to reveal the natural preferences of each player.

So you can work with your body, not against it...

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We differentiate our teaching according to your motor and cognitive preferences.

By identifying your strengths, we profile your skills and offer you a range of personalized services and tools to help you reach your next level.

"Listen to your body, not anybody!"

Our unique profiling and validation system allows us to put this quote into practice and respect your natural movement.

Reveal your game

With individualized training designed for you - not a one-size-fits-all training technique - results come quickly and your performance transforms.

Did you know that we've worked with some of the best players in the world? They too are fans of our INDIVIDUALIZED system!

Why choose prokeycoach?

A holistic Approach

We take a holistic approach to training our players. Based on your unique, personalized profile, we guide you through your training.

We show you how to improve your recovery and protect yourself from injury. We teach you how to use your body's natural preferences. We strengthen your mind - before, during and after the game.

And thanks to this holistic approach to developing our athletes, we dramatically improve their performance.

Unique profiling system

Prokeycoach also incorporates the teachings of ActionTypes into its approach, as well as the research of pioneers such as Isabel Briggs Myers et Katherine Cook Briggs (MBTI) and others.

She focuses on the strengths of each individual. Once these resources have been identified, they are used to make faster progress and gain self-confidence.

It's a positive, caring and empowering approach that enables everyone to develop their full potential.

Individualized coaching

There are 16 different types of sports profile, each with its own motor preferences. Each profile is also determined by cognitive preferences and deep-seated motivations.

Did you know that we profiled 17 pairs of twins? The twins were genetically identical.

But their motor preferences and personalities were... different! Each twin had its own unique profile.

It's easy to see the potential of individualized coaching and training.

Mind-body connection

How to avoid overthinking? And when to think? Strengthening the relationship between body and mind is essential.

From visualization and breathing to managing self-talk and goal-setting, we invest in our players' minds. The objective is simple.

Train your mind and your thinking before you play. Then, when necessary, you can play without thinking. It's one of the keys to performance. And it's an essential part of our work with our athletes.

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