Talent can't wait!


Young hockey players test the TicTak Zone.

Talent can't wait!

It's never too early to train and make progress. Here's the proof...

Prokeycoach tours Swiss ice hockey clubs with its TicTak Zone.

Remember the TicTak Zone?

This innovative training mat with integrated clock is designed to :

- improve your stickhandling,

- strengthen your peripheral vision,

- increase your dribbling speed.

Practical and easy to use, it sets up in just 30 seconds on any flat surface. The 360° TicTak Zone helps you perfect your skills, whenever and wherever you want.

Anyway, on this occasion, we had a great time. 

We filmed the youngest field hockey player ever to play on the TicTak Zone. 

Helped by his friends, he brilliantly performed his stickhandling exercises. 

Developing his skills, psychomotor coordination, autonomy, mutual aid and solidarity.

He even learned to tell the time! A future pro ;-) 

PS : The best thing is to discover the combo kit with the TicTak Skills App and the integrated fluorescent pucks.

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