Tic Tak Skills - Complete program with 40% discount! product image

Tic Tak Skills - Complete program with 40% discount!

39.00 CHF

  Unique 360° stickhandling & shooting progressive method. For young and pros.

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Special offer!

Progressive stickhandling & 360° shooting method. For young and old alike. And on the move!

This program currently includes :

23 tutorials with key points and new skills for effective progress in Tic Tak Skills

13 MP3 training routines, including:

  • The McDavid routine
  • The Crosby routine
  • Becoming elite routine
  • Etc...

And we regularly add new content to the app! 

Improve your performance by choosing your work speed!

For better learning, follow the progression!

You need to do these exercises regularly so that they become a reflex on the ice!

You can do this program anywhere. In your bedroom, outside, in your garage, etc.

reveal your game.

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