Service Innovation: SportTypes, profiling and individualization for everyone


Prokeycoach will be present at the Swiss Forum Innovation in Basel on November 30, 2023 to present SportTypes: the new self-profiling app.

Service Innovation: SportTypes, profiling and individualization for everyone

Service Innovation: SportTypes, profiling and individualization for the benefit of all


Prokeycoach will be present at the Swiss Forum Innovation in Basel on November 30, 2023.


On this occasion, the Prokeycoach team will be presenting its latest service innovation: SportTypes.


This is the world's first initiative in the field of self-profiling, marking a significant advance in self-understanding.


Thanks to this innovation, users can now discover and understand their own motor preferences in an unprecedented way. 


This opens doors to further personalization, helping everyone to optimize their performance in various aspects of life.


Prokeycoach pushes the boundaries of individualization by putting the power of profiling in everyone's hands. 


This breakthrough promises to redefine the way we understand ourselves and interact with the world around us. 


What is SportTypes?


SportTypes is an app that lets you create your own profile and define your motor and cognitive preferences from the comfort of your own home.


Prokeycoach makes its individualized coaching system available to as many people as possible, thanks to online profiling.


Movement is in Prokeycoach's DNA.


Today, Prokeycoach is a leader in the field of motor preferences and individualization.


So it's only natural that Prokeycoach has developed this tool so that everyone can reach their best level, while respecting their natural motor skills.


What's it for?


Knowing your profile is the key to progress and achieving your goals.


It's a game changer.


For years, Prokeycoach has been working with athletes using this innovative and powerful holistic method.


It helps each athlete to get to know themselves better and to target their strengths, on which they can focus their work.


The result is rapid progress and increased self-confidence. 


The result is a virtuous circle that enables athletes to improve their results quickly and concretely.


Not only does performance improve, but the risk of injury is also reduced.


By knowing and respecting their motor preferences, athletes are no longer working against their bodies.


He no longer fights against body patterns that are natural to him. 


Instead, they work with their bodies, respecting their bodies and their natural motor skills.


Why is this a service innovation?


It's the first time this approach has been made available to all athletes, wherever they are.


For the first time, profiling and individualization for athletes have been dematerialized.


It's an unprecedented democratization of profiling and the approach to motor and cognitive preferences for athletes.


From home, on a smartphone or computer, anyone can perform a simple profiling test.


Several levels are available to refine the results and learn more about yourself.


Once their profile has been established, each sportsperson can access a summary of their motor and cognitive preferences.


These can be applied to the technical aspects of the sport, as well as to recovery, fitness training and personal development.


It's a personalized and unique work support.


The athlete can then personalize his training and sports practice according to his profile.


That's how he'll perform at his best.


Who is it for?


Today, Prokeycoach has developed its app for hockey players, golfers and skiers, whether they are professional or amateur athletes, young or adult, women or men.


But that's just the beginning.


Very soon, other disciplines will be available: soccer, basketball, American soccer, volleyball and many more...


Because SportTypes has a universal vocation and can be applied to everyone's physical or sporting activity, work or personal life.


Those who have discovered and tested this approach say it has changed their lives.


What are motor and cognitive preferences?


Prokeycoach incorporates the teachings of ActionTypes into its approach, as well as the research of pioneers such as Myers Bridges (MBTI).


It's a positive, caring and empowering approach that enables everyone to develop their full potential.


It focuses on the strengths of each individual. 


Once these personal resources have been identified, they are used to progress more rapidly and gain self-confidence.


There are 16 different types of sports profile, each with its own motor preferences. 


Each profile is also determined by cognitive preferences and motivations.


Each profile is also determined by cognitive preferences and deep-seated motivations.


As a result, profile analysis is extremely detailed and individualized.

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