New coaches, new sports at Prokeycoach


For 20 years, Prokeycoach has been the specialist in one-to-one ice hockey coaching.

New coaches, new sports at Prokeycoach

Today, Prokeycoach is opening up to new disciplines: golf and skiing.

The result? The Prokeycoach team is growing!

Golf coach Mario Poularas and ski coach Eliot Arnold join the team.

And we're really pleased, because they're both exceptional people and super-professional coaches.

The good news? 

If you're a skier and a golfer and you want to improve your level quickly, without getting injured...

You too can benefit from our innovative approach.

Eliot and Mario are trained in the Action Types approach.

Their job is to observe and analyze dozens of athletes.

Like all coaches, you think?

Not quite... Because the Prokeycoach coaches have a powerful tool at their disposal: profiling.

Profiling reveals the motor and cognitive preferences of our athletes.

This enables us to work precisely on their strengths for rapid progress.

Ready to find out what kind of skier or golfer you are?

Then contact us for your profiling!

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