Why is it important to know your visual preferences?


Left or right radar? As a sportsman, it's important to know your visual preference. It can save you a lot of trouble...

Why is it important to know your visual preferences?

When you're a sportsman, it's best to know your visual preference. There's no doubt about it...

Do you know why? Because everyone has a left or right visual preference.

It's called left or right radar.

This translates into an attentional preference for the left or the right.

Knowing your visual preference helps you perform better and avoid injury. 

Because you can adapt your training and your game accordingly.

This is true for ice hockey, but it's also true for boxing, soccer, golf, skiing... Watch this short video:

What do you think is Conor Mc Gregor's visual preference? And Connor Bedard's? Left or right?

Easy to guess, both Con(n)ors most certainly have a visual preference for their right side!

What about you? How can you use this preference to your advantage in all sports, and how can you improve with your strengths and weaknesses?

To find out, make your profile and discover your personalized map of your own motor preferences.

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