Motor Preferences: Radar Left or Radar Right?


Every athlete develops a decisive motor preference: visual preference. It's called the left or right radar.

Motor Preferences: Radar Left or Radar Right?

Did you know that each of us has a visual preference for right or left?

In fact, it's a natural brain preference that everyone develops.

We call it "radar".

It means that we're much more comfortable and responsive on the left side or the right field.

Take the test! You'll see: your visual field is wider and more efficient on one side... or the other!

Of course, this visual preference exists in all sportspeople and athletes, whatever their level.

It's true in ice hockey, skiing, golf...

It's a very important motor preference to take into account when improving performance.

It allows you to optimize your game and be more efficient and reactive. 

But it also limits the risk of injury.

In your opinion, does Connor Bedard have a "left radar" or rather a "right radar"?

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