Motor preferences for skiing too!


As Eliot, our ski coach, explains, knowing your motor preferences when skiing is crucial to your l'explique Eliot, notre coach ski,

Motor preferences for skiing too!

Did you hear?

Prokeycoach isn't just about ice hockey!

Yes, motor preferences apply to all sporting disciplines, including skiing.

This is what Eliot, our ski coach, explains to us with professionalism (and brio).

"When I push off on my symmetrical feet, without jumping, with a lot of forward flexing, I'm backfoot. My motor skills may need to stretch my back as I exit a turn. That's why I tend to stand up high and fast. Be careful not to confuse this with being aerial, which has nothing to do with it!

I'm looking for ample movement away from the body: that's why I can seem to "have my foot far away". This is a great strength of this type of profile, and Marco exploits it perfectly, skiing spontaneously according to his preferences!

It's a magnificent demonstration of a backfoot profile. His turn ends with a strong adduction and the feet come together.

You may have the same motrid preferences as Odi, but "classic" technical instructions are preventing you from exploiting your strengths!


So, what's your Ski Types?

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